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The year is 2019, we are spreading magic all across Canada. City after city, we keep partying with a bunch of Witches and Wizards! So many spells cast, potions drank and laughs shared! Then boom! Covid hit and the entire world came to a sudden stop. No more spells, no more potions and no more events. 

During the lockdowns and restrictions, we kept hopeful that we would all get through this and get back to some sense or normalcy. As much as we wanted to host events, we knew that we all had to do our part to keep each other safe and stay put. 

Days, weeks, months go by and we still saw no end in sight. We kept reminiscing about all the people we met from Newfoundland to British Columbia and everywhere in between. Getting to share laughs and create events that are all inclusive and accepting of all walks of life! There was so much love! 

Now, two years have passed and one night, staring about in the star blazed sky, we realized that we did not want to keep working in the insurance and marketing industry and right then and there we started the crawl company back again! We sent our resignation letters that night and got busy planning these amazing events! We want to create these magical moments again and we want you to share these moments with us!

-faiz r.

starfire is the moment you are staring, at the night sky and inspiration just “hits” you.
you know that feeling… you’re trying to figure out what comes next in your life, whether it’s a career move or something pivotal in your personal life. you just end up out under the stars, looking up at them, hoping for an answer. and then, just like that, inspiration strikes, an idea, a thought, a spark that just ignites all your thoughts and lights the way. that… that is starfire.
covid took everything from us. we all lost our event company, some of us our relationships, and like many others, we were left with little hope and direction. this pandemic really challenged us; it was certainly trial by fire. and just when we were at our breaking point, we found ourselves out one night.
we quietly chatted about how tough these times were, and how we’ve never felt such uncertainty. somewhere that night, our conversation led us to talking about “if we could do it all over again, we’d do it exactly the same”. that conversation led us to chatting about how awesome it would be to do events again, especially bringing happiness in these really uncertain times.
and that is the story of how this all started, again… that’s the story of how we found our “starfire”.
-krishna p
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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed 

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